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Attorney Laura Allen

Laura Allen, Esq., is a trial attorney with more than 20 years of experience trying cases and arguing appeals in the state and federal courts in Washington, Illinois, Missouri and Arizona. She has concentrated her attorney practice in employment law, particularly discrimination and harassment in the workplace. She holds the record for the largest plaintiff’s verdict in an employment case in Illinois. She has helped numerous employees obtain settlements for their legal claims.

Laura successfully argued the Washington case, for example, of Stegall v. Citadel Broad. Co., 350 F.3d 1061 (9th Cir.), convincing the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals her clients had sufficient evidence of discrimination and retaliation to bring a case against their employer. She has helped numerous employees obtain verdicts or settlements for their legal claims including the following:

Laura is also one of a small number of lawyers working in the emerging field of animal law. She drafts legislation and advises local governments and state governments on legal issues relating to animals and animal control including issues related to “dangerous” dogs, pets, horses, farm animals, and wildlife. She advises animal welfare non-profits on legal issues such as employment, managing risk of liability, corporate organization, fundraising and lobbying compliance, and copyrights and trademarks. Injuries or loss involving an animal also fall within the purview of animal law.

Laura is the founder and Executive Director of Animal Law Coalition,, a 501c4 nonprofit. She is also a member of the Washington State Bar Association, a member of the Board of Directors and the vice president and general counsel for Equine Welfare Alliance, an executive advisory board member for Saving America's Horses. She is a liaison for advisors to StubbyDog, a project to restore the image of the pit bull dog. Laura is on the advisory boards for WFLF Wild Capture Awareness, Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, and Animal Advocate Television. She is a frequent speaker and a regular guest on Big Blend radio's Nature Connection, Animals Today Radio and Wild For Life Endangered Talk Radio.

Animal Law Coalition brings the latest animal legal news to attorneys, law students and the public and offers legal analysis of the issues affecting animals. Animal Law Coalition educates attorneys and the public about how they can participate to stop cruelty and promote animal welfare. Animal Law Coalition is actively involved in drafting and lobbying for legislation relating to dogs, puppy mills, horse slaughter, wild horses and burros, breed discrimination, and animal cruelty.